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General Information

Doctoral candidates will be admitted for the fall semester, starting October 1.

We will admit up to 9 doctoral candidates. The application period is a year prior, between mid-September and mid-November. Up to two PhD candidates can be considered for special funding provided by the DAAD (GSSP Program). Two positions can be filled by successful application through FUB-CSC doctoral program.

GEAs does not provide full-time fellowships or positions. Doctoral candidates will be accepted with funding from other Freie Universität Berlin programs, from partner institutions in East Asia or from scholarships provided by German or international organizations.

The screening of applications will take place in November, and interviews with prospective doctoral candidates will take place in February. Doctoral candidates accepted for admission into GEAS will receive written notice by early to mid-May.

GEAS strives to have an international body of doctoral candidates.On a case by case basis, GEAS will also admit visiting doctoral candidates funded by partner universities or international scholarships to conduct dissertation related research for one or two years.