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DAAD mobility short term (up to 6 months)

Applications are open to doctoral candidates with above-average qualifications who are doing their doctorate at a German university.

Scholarship holders of the Research Training Groups (with DFG funding) can only apply for short doctoral fellowships (not for one-year doctoral fellowships). In the case of funding, the DAAD will supplement the current DFG basic scholarship of the Research Training Group with an additional scholarship equal to the DAAD doctoral student rate abroad. If the Research Training Group already pays an international supplement, additional funding from the DAAD is not possible. In agreement with the DFG, stays of more than six months can only be funded by the DAAD if the DFG fellowship is suspended during the entire stay abroad.

A short fellowship for doctoral students may not be claimed immediately after a one-year fellowship.
A "blocking period" of at least one year must be observed between the conclusion of a first and the start of a second short fellowship.

The scholarship includes the following benefits

  •     A monthly scholarship installment, depending on the host country.
  •     Travel allowance depending on host country
  •     Health, accident and personal liability insurance benefits
  •     a monthly lump sum of 102 euros for research and congress costs
  •     The monthly DAAD scholarship rate for a specific country / status is displayein the scholarship calculator online at DAAD

    Application Periods (3 times a year - announced in March/April every year)

    • Asia and Oceania: 
    • 05 January 2020, start in May 2020
    • 01 May 2020, start in September 2020