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Supervision and Mentoring

An advisory committee formed by three advisors will guide doctoral candidates. One advisor will be in a candidate's country specialization within East Asian Studies. To secure firm theoretical and methodological grounding in a discipline, at least one of the members of the advisory committee will be from the candidate's specialty discipline in the social sciences, history, humanities, business and economics, law or anthropology.

Based on student preferences and faculty resources, the advisory committee will be assigned by the Committee of Academic Affairs within the Graduate School.

Advisors and doctoral candidates will sign a supervisory agreement that stipulates the rights and obligations of advisors and doctoral candidates as well as the procedures in case of non-compliance and the conditions for withdrawal from the program.

A framework of regular meetings and periodic progress reports at each stage of the training program forms the basis for interaction. In the course of the research work, advising and related mentoring is divided into three segments: research design (June paper) (year one), problems of ongoing research (fieldwork) (year two) and presentation of research findings (year three).

Doctoral candidates will have to submit progress reports for the first year, after the second year, and continuously in the colloquia.

It is highly recommended to at least annually sign a meeting minute sheet provided by the Dahlem Research School. The meeting minutes will help both supervisor and supervised researchers to remember their meetings and to help and assure a good supervision quality. The Link below provides a short guideline and template for such meetings.