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Paul Joscha Kohlenberg

Paul Joscha Kohlenberg
Bildquelle: Marcus Reichmann

PhD Political Science, May 2018

Heinrich Böll Stiftung Beijing Representative

Institutional Logics in an Authoritarian State. Why The Chinese Communist Party’s Command Mechanisms Have Remained Unaffected by Legal Reforms (Committee: T. Risse, K. Levy, E. Sandschneider)

Heinrich-Boell-Stiftung Beijing Representative Office
Office C704, Beijing Lufthansa Center
No. 50, Liangmaqiao Road,
Chaoyang District, 100125 Beijing

Paul is a fluent Chinese language speaker who received a BA in International Relations from Dresden University and went on to complete graduate degrees at Oxford University (MSc in Modern Chinese Studies) and Warwick University (LLM in Development Law & Human Rights). He is a graduate of UC Berkeley’s IUP Programme for Chinese Language Studies and completed a traineeship at the EU-Delegation to China (Political Section and Cooperation Section), before joining GEAS as a doctoral candidate in 2013.

Chinese political terminology & discourse

Communist party & leadership politics

China’s foreign policy

Human Rights in China


Kohlenberg, P. J. (2017). The Use of “Comrade” as a Political Instrument in the Chinese Communist Party, from Mao to Xi. The China Journal, 77(1), 72-92.  

Kohlenberg, P. J. (2017). Chinas Kommunistische Partei vor Xi Jinpings zweiter Amtsperiode als Vorsitzender: im Spannungsfeld individueller Machtkonsolidierung und kollektiver Parteitraditionen. SWP-Aktuell 2017/A 03 .  

Wermke, K., Teiser, J., Yovsi, E., Kohlenberg, P. J., Wermke, P., Robb, M., ... & Lamm, B. (2016). Fundamental frequency variation within neonatal crying: does ambient language matter?. Speech, Language and Hearing, 19(4), 211-217.  

Kohlenberg, P. J. (2012). China und die" Rückkehr" der USA nach Asien: aus chinesischen Fachzeitschriften des ersten Halbjahrs 2012. SWP-Journal Review 2012/ZS 05.

Awards and Prizes

Oxford University China Centre Departmental Scholarship Award

Full Postgraduate Scholarship by the German Academic Exchange Service

Full Scholarship, Chinese Scholarship Council

Warwick University IDLHR Student Prize: Best Graduating Student of the LLM Programme

Oxford University China Centre: Best Graduating Student of MSc Programme