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Promovierende 2020

Yura Hyeon

Drifting Happiness: Unearthing Life of Young Yemeni Refugees aged 20-30 in Jeju Island and Seoul

Erik Isaksson


Political Dialogues as Institutions: Resolving Conflict and Consolidating the Nation?

Chi Ho Kiang


The Taste of Occupation: Food, War, and Society in Occupied North China, 1937-1945

Cecilia Luzi

Project:Urban-rural migration and rural revitalization in Japan

Tu Thanh Ngo

Project: Urban-rural migration and rural revitalization in Japan

Shoko Tanaka

Probing the Link between Culture and Democracy through the Indicator Framework on Culture and Democracy (IFCD), with Case Studies in Japan

Hao Zhang


How Can Government Reform Towards The Future: Citizens’ Participatory In The Development Of Chinese Smart Cities

Yating Zhang


Starting a Market Economy – Institutions and Memories of the Reform and Opening era in China (1972-1987)