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Promovierende 2021

Antonie Angerer

BMBF fellow

Visual Culture of urban futures as networked spectacle in China’s urbanization process

Junsang Lee

Searching for a Better Future, Escaping from Hell-Joseon: A Study of Korean Youths in Berlin

Lin Yu Ng


Precarity and Hope in Japan: Motivations and Risk Perceptions of Residents in post­-Disaster Fukushima

Seunghwan Ryu


The lnfluence of lnter-Korean Detente-Containment Debates in the Yushin Period (1973-1979) on Two Koreas' Diplomacy towards the 'Third World' and the South

Nicolas Stassar

ERC Fellow

Trying the Enemy: The Legal Interpretation of the Status of Prisoners of War By the Japanese Military Legal System 1929-1948

Lin Xu

guest 21/22

Non-Governmental Organizations’ Policy Advocacy under Disparate Political Opportunity Structures in China