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Betreuer:innen und PIs

Gunter Schubert

Associated Research Fellow

Verena Blechinger-Talcott

East Asian Politics, Comparative Politics, CSR, Government-Business Relations, International Relations in East Asia, Campaign Finance

+49 30 838 57104

Tanja Börzel

European Union Studies, International Relations, Comparative Public Policy, Governance and Diffusion

+49 30 838 54830

Sebastian Conrad

Global History, Japanese History, History of Colonialism, History of Historiography

+49 30 838 56766

Hansjörg Dilger

Anthropology of Religion, Medical Anthropology, Anthropology of Migration and Transnationalism, Urban Anthropology

+49 30 838 56505

Barbara Fritz

Development Economics, International Macroeconomics, Money and Finance, Latin America

+49 30 838 53063

Markus Heintzen

Constitutional and Administrative Law, Tax Law, European Law

+49 30 838 52479

Gregory Jackson

International Business, Economic Sociology, Japanese Economy, Corporate Governance, CSR

+49 30 838 56809

Doris Kolesch

Theatre and Performance Studies, Literature and other Arts, Performance and Performativity, Gender Studies, Cultural History of Emotions, Voice in Contemporary Theatre

+49 30 838 50338

Genia Kostka

Environmental Policy, Chinese Studies

Eun-Jeung Lee

Cultural History of Ideas, Political Culture in Korea

+49 30 838 56896

Günther Maihold

International Relations, Democratic Transitions in Latin America and the Caribbean, Interamerican relations, Development Cooperation Germany-Europe-America

+49 30 880 070

Elena Meyer-Clement

GEAS Faculty

Chinese Studies (Economy and Society of China)

+49 30 838 59936

Klaus Mühlhahn

Chinese History, Cultural History, Legal History

+49 30 838 57111

Thomas Risse

International Relations, EU Studies, Comparative Politics, Diffusion Research, Comparative Regionalism, Governance in Areas of Limited Statehood, Norms and Ideas in International Relations

+49 30 838 55527

Birgitt Röttger-Rössler

Emotion and Culture, Cognitive Anthropology, Gender Studies, Malay and Indonesian Literatures, Insular South-East Asia

+40 30 838 57847

Eberhard Sandschneider

Transatlantic Relations, German Foreign Policy

+49 30 838 56342

Jörg Sydow

Organizational and Management Theory, Inter-firm Cooperation, Labor Relations, Global Production Networks

+49 30 838 53782

Gudrun Wacker

Postdoctoral Advisor

Chinese Foreign and Security Policy, Chinese Domestic Politics, EU-China Relations, Chinese Relations in the Asia-Pacific, Modernization and Sustainable Development in China, Chinese Discourses on International Governance

+49 30 880 07265

Matthias Zachmann

Intellectual History, Legal History, Japanese Studies