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Call for papers 2021

Call for papers: Special Issue ‘Reflections from the Field in East Asia’ for Berlin East Asia Review (BEAR) (internal call for all GEAS members)

Data is at the heart of analysis and research. However, this heart may beat differently depending on the discipline. In the social sciences, conducting fieldwork is one of the key ways in which researchers can collect data for their research projects. Personal engagement and interpersonal interaction are critical in the field as researchers control the approach and interaction with the research participants. More often than not, expectations and reality diverge considerably. Thus, research methods must be constantly adjusted in line with renewed interpretations and challenges encountered in the field. How might fieldwork strategies be similar or different depending on the country or locality being examined?
At the Graduate School of East Asian Studies (GEAS) of Freie Universität Berlin, fieldwork is an integral part of the training and development of early career researchers. When we returned from the field, many of us found that our backgrounds, experiences, and emotions made a difference to the collection and interpretation of data. In order to understand how positionality affects fieldwork, we want to start a discussion among aspiring and established scholars about fieldwork across different countries in East Asia by sharing and comparing fieldwork experiences.
Berlin East Asia Review is starting afresh with a special issue titled Reflections from the Field in East Asia. GEAS is inviting contributions from researchers conducting fieldwork in China, Taiwan, Japan, and South or North Korea. Contributions may include, but are not limited to, how positionality affects fieldwork preparation, fieldwork challenges, interview techniques, participant observation, and ethical considerations. We also highly welcome papers concerning the impact of Covid-19 and new strategies of doing fieldwork in East Asia during the global pandemic.
Guest editors:
Gwendolyn DOMNING
Bin LI
Elizabeth NOBLE

Deadline for submission: December 1st, 2021
Length of articles: 1500-2500 words.
Please send your contributions to bear@geas.fu-berlin.de