New Visiting Professor: Chung Yong-Wook (SNU)

News from Mar 01, 2017

Einstein fellow Richard J Samuels back at GEAS

News from Jan 04, 2017

May-Britt Stumbaum joins EVF group Security in East Asia

News from Jan 04, 2017

International Climate Protection Fellowships AvH Foundation

For what is now the eighth time, prospective leaders from transition and developing countries can apply to the International Climate Protection Fellowship programme. Applications may be submitted from now until 1 March 2017 at the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Foundation at ...

News from Dec 07, 2016

Visiting Fellows in December: Aya Kimura and Susan Pharr

News from Nov 04, 2016

Visiting Fellows in November: Carol Gluck and Richard Samuels

News from Nov 04, 2016

Congratulations to our first full-fledged PhD!

News from Oct 19, 2016

Call for Applications: GEAS Postdoc (Main focus: Korea)

News from Oct 17, 2016

New Visiting Professor: Julian Dierkes (UBC)

News from Oct 06, 2016

New Article: Paul Kohlenberg on The Use of Comrade as a Political Instrument

Paul Kohlenberg: The Use of “Comrade” as a Political Instrument in the Chinese Communist Party, from Mao to Xi. In: The China Journal, Ahead of Print, Sep 2016. 

News from Oct 06, 2016

PhD - Languages and Cultures of Silk Road -BerGSAS

News from Sep 12, 2016

New Visiting Professor: Kawamura Yoko (Seikei Unviersity)

News from Jun 27, 2016

GEAS Visiting Professor: Yih-Chyi Chuang (National Chengchi)

News from Jun 21, 2016

EVF fellow Richard Samuels back in Berlin

News from Jun 02, 2016

New POINT PostDoc fellow at GEAS

News from May 17, 2016

New GEAS Visiting Professor: Tomoo Marukawa (Tokyo University)

News from Apr 14, 2016

New GEAS Faculty member: Elena Meyer-Clement

News from Feb 11, 2016

New Article: Angela Leggett on Online Civic Engagement and Anti-domestic Violence

PhD candidate Angela leggett has published an article: "Online Civic Engagement and the Anti-domestic Violence Movement in China: Shifting Norms and Influencing Law" in VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, pp 1-27 (Feb 2016)

News from Feb 07, 2016

New GEAs Visiting Professor: Keun-sik Jung (SNU)

News from Feb 05, 2016

New Visiting Professor: Eiji Oguma (Keio University)

News from Feb 02, 2016