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Library for the Humanities of Freie Universität Berlin

Library for the Humanities at Freie Universität Berlin
Image Credit: Bernd Wannenmacher

GEAS builds on existing strengths in East Asian and area studies at Freie Universität Berlin and excellent language training in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

GEAS brings together Principal Investigators (PIs) from East Asian Studies with scholars from the social sciences, business and economics, law, the humanities, history and anthropology, as well as experts from non-university partner institutions.

GEAS resources are augmented by well established discipline-based graduate programs at Freie Universität Berlin and graduate training programs at its partner institutions.GEAS can build upon an extensive network of active cooperative relationships with the leading universities in East Asia and the core East Asia-related research institutions worldwide as well as with German and East Asian governments and organizations.

The doctoral training program combines discipline-based methods courses, research seminars, and Summer Schools with mandatory periods of fieldwork in East Asia and with the provision of specific area-related transferable skills. Doctoral candidates will receive degrees in the department of their discipline under the supervision of a team of three advisors and a faculty mentor in East Asia.