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GEAS Garden April 19

GEAS Garden April 19
Image Credit: K.G.

The members of GEAS have an excellent infrastructure at their disposal. They are integrated into an international and interdisciplinary network of research and teaching and offer a structured research programme. The interdisciplinary colloquia and summer and homecoming symposia, during which the projects are presented and the progress of the work discussed, are mandatory.

The overview of the structure of our doctoral programme shows you how many credit points you have to earn in the individual areas (writing your doctorate, seminars, summer school, workshops on transferable skills, colloquia). It is not possible to transfer CPs from one area to another, but it is possible to earn CPs in transferable skills at other educational workshops.

In addition to the curricular offers, you can participate in all workshops and conferences and also make an organisational contribution or give your own lecture. You are also welcome to suggest inviting international specialists and organizing graduate conferences.

You can also participate in Dahlem Research School (DRS) and BUA workshops.

Upon request, the Graduate School will assign you a place in the doctoral student rooms. We can provide a limited number of PC desktops to work with. If you need to install programmes, please ask the coordination office and the student assistants for help.