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GEAS Curriculum

GEAS Curriculum

Sample Curriculum

Sample Curriculum
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The PhD training program combines mandatory elements that are required for all doctoral candidates within GEAS with courses and skill provision that are based on individual doctoral candidates' training needs in the context of their dissertation research.

The scientific focus of the program, of course, also determines the curriculum which is offered to you and is designed to support your research. The core course of the GEAS graduate programme is the GEAS Institutional Theory Course in the first semester. The course combines different approaches, domains and dynamics of institutional theory and is designed to give doctoral candidates a deeper understanding of the research focus of GEAS, the study of institutions.

In the course of the program, doctoral candidates will encounter different phases of work, ranging from periods where doctoral candidates will work in larger or smaller groups to phases where they will predominantly focus on their own research projects. While doctoral candidates will receive 30 credit points from course work during their training at GEAS, the amount of course work will be the highest in their first year in the program and decrease gradually over their second and third year to allow doctoral candidates to focus on their dissertations.

Requirements: Curricular planning

First year
  • Institutional Theory
  • Research Design
  • Methods workshops (qualitative research)
  • Transferable skills (fu:stat; DRS)
  • GEAS Colloquium

Milestone 1: 28 February: Literature Review

Milestone 2: 1 July: "June" paper (evaluation report)

Milestone 3: Presentation in Summer Symposium (July)

Second year
  • GEAS Colloquium
  • Grad Conference
  • GEAS Summer School
  • Fieldwork
  • Transferable skills (DRS)

Milestone 4: 1 July: Fieldwork/Progress report (evaluation) and first chapter draft

Milestone 5: Presentation in Homecoming Symposium (Winter)

Third year
  • GEAS Colloquium
  • Thesis research
  • Writing workshops, dissertation workshops, projects and co-teaching
  • transferable courses - i.e. career counseling, grant opportunities

(optional milestone): at least one presentation at a conference abroad during 3 years

Submission of the thesis