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Schedule Winter 22/23

Research and Fieldwork Tutorial (Tutorium)
InstructorYura Hyeon (STIBET teaching assistant)
Student Profile all Cohorts
TimeOct 18, 2022 - Dec 06, 2022
GEAS Colloquium (Colloquium)
InstructorSabrina Habich-Sobiegalla, Cornelia Reiher, Yura Hyeon (teaching assistant)
Student Profile first year (Cohort X), all Cohorts
TimeOct 24, 2022 - Feb 17, 2023
every Monday, 2-4 PM
Winter School - Research on Greater China (Summer School)
Student Profile Cohort VIII, IX and X members with main focus research Korea and Japan who have not yet been to a Summer School.
TimeJan 09, 2022 - Jan 14, 2022
Research Seminar Discipline/Research Seminar Area (Research Seminar)
Time Early Career Researchers in their first or second semester should attend an MA seminar each in their discipline and area: please ask the lecturers via email if you can participate in their course as PhD students. We will send you an overview on the English offers in area studies. Research Seminars in the discipline should be chosen among all seminars available at FU and HU in the FU course catalogue . PhD researchers in Economics should have a look at the course program of Doctoral Programm in Business Research. PhD students may also have a look at courses offered at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin directly, if the courses are not in the FU catalogue.
Transferable Skills /Professional Profile Development (Continuing Education)
Time PhD students should earn 4 credits of professional skills throughout their time at GEAS. 1 CP for Research Intergrity is mandatory. Credits can be earned through the graduate conference organization (2 CP), good research practice (1 CP), by attending writing and method workshops (i.e. fu:stat) as well as attending the DRS program for career development or other skills in academic managmement (8 hrs = 0,5 CP). Courses at Dahlem Research School are open to all PhD students of the Berlin University Alliance at https://drs.fu-berlin.de