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Postdoctoral Program

The PostDoc program of GEAS covers workshops, seminars, and other research projects at GEAS.

Between 2013 and 2019, GEAs has hosted 3 core positions for highly qualified postdoctoral fellows in Japanese, Chinese and Korean Studies with international research experience to conduct their own research at GEAS in relation to our core focus on institutional theory. In addition, both teaching courses at GEAS and the institutes as well as international research trips are supported by GEAS each year in order to allow the fellows to expand their academic profile and independence further (from ESR 2 to ESR 3). One of our postdoctoral fellows has received a tenured position as Professor at Seoul National University as of 2016, others have also become lecturers at universities in Germany and worldwide.

GEAS has also hosted 2 postdoctoral fellows from the EU Marie-Curie-Skłodowska cofunding line POINT (Dahlem Research School) between 2015 and 2018. The aim of the DRS Postdoc Fellowship program is to support fellows in their further career development and the transition to the next career step at Freie Universität Berlin. POINT Fellowships are open to postdoctoral researchers from all disciplines and nationalities with at least two years of research experience outside Germany. Both fellows are trained in Chinese Studies and are active members of GEAS. During their stay they are integrated into research groups and assigned a professor as scientific advisor. The most notable project of one of our fellows was the 2016 conference "Beyond the Sinosphere", supported by Volkswagen Foundation and GEAS. The DRS alumna Anna belogurova is now associated fellow of GEAS in the Chinese Studies department.

GEAS Award PostDocs (2016-2018) were available to three outstanding doctoral candidates who finished submitting their theses in 3 years' time. Award PostDocs received a salary of TV-L E 13 fprone year to prepare for the dissertation, publish their draft and work on a postdoctoral proposal as well as on job application. 

As members of Dahlem Research School, associate Postdoc fellows benefit from a tailored qualification program and the opportunity to develop teaching and leadership skills. Furthermore, all fellows are supported in obtaining funding for follow-up research projects at Freie Universität Berlin. PostDocs thus are highly encouraged to use the PostDoc Portal and Professional Development Program opportunities of the DRS.