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DAAD mobility long term (1-12 months)

This scholarship programme offers the opportunity to carry out research abroad within the framework of a doctoral project and to gain further scientific qualifications. Applications are open to doctoral candidates with above-average qualifications who are seeking a doctorate from a German university.

Duration is 1 to 12 months; the individual funding period is determined by a selection committee depending on the project and the work plan.The scholarship cannot be extended.
In addition, a short doctoral fellowship may not be taken up immediately following a one-year fellowship.

The scholarship includes the following benefits:

  •     A monthly scholarship installment, depending on the host country.
  •     Travel allowance depending on host country
  •     Health, accident and personal liability insurance benefits
  •     a monthly lump sum of 102 euros for research and congress costs
  •     The monthly DAAD scholarship rate for a specific country / status is displayed online in the DAAD Scholarship calculator

In addition, further benefits may be granted upon application under certain conditions:

  •     Supplement for spouses or life partners
  •     Subsidy for childcare costs
  •     Grant for travel in the host country directly related to the project (please submit a cost estimate with confirmation of the supervising university teacher with the application).

Application Periods

The application is at least twice a year (June/November/March). For more information on the deadlines, please visit