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ERP-Program for USA (Studienstiftung, 10-12 months)

Designed to complement the Studienstiftung's McCloy Fellowship Program, the ERP Fellowship Program supports one- to two-year research and study stays in the context of Master's or PhD programs at top U.S. universities. The goal of the program is to strengthen transatlantic understanding and to promote and network highly qualified graduates who aspire to work in the public sector (e.g. in ministries, government agencies, foundations, think tanks, international organizations, NGOs, or in science and research). Following the U.S. idea of a "revolving door" between the public and private sectors, ERP are also open to career designs that combine both areas. 10 to 20 fellowships are awarded each year.

Since 1994, the program has been funded by the ERP Special Fund, which is administered by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection.

The following projects are eligible for funding under the ERP Scholarship Program:

  •     One- to two-year study visits for the purpose of earning an American master's degree.
  •     Study visits for the course phase of a PhD program. The following applies: Those who have already completed a master's degree before starting the scholarship can be supported in the first year of a PhD program; those who successfully apply for a PhD program with a bachelor's degree can be supported for up to 21 months.
  •     Ten- to twelve-month research projects within the framework of dissertation projects that are based at a German university
  • The program can be combined with DAAD or other fellowships
  • More information on ERP and Criteria (only in German): https://www.studienstiftung.de/erp

Application Deadline

1 October of every year