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PhD and family

If you are living with or expecting a child while studying and receiving a fellowship, DFG and many other foundations in Germany will support you. For example, fellows (scholarship holders) who receive fellowships from public foundations usually receive child allowances and can extend their scholarship to another year. If you are a salaried employee, you can apply for parental leave.

All expecting mothers are also exempt from study during the protective period for mothers. More information can be found here. Please notify the GEAS Coordinator if you are expecting a child and want to make use of the protective period for mothers.

If you are funding your doctorate through a position (regular emplyoment), the usual statutory requirements and benefits apply. The university is also expected to make suitable childcare measures available through Dual Career and Family Service.

Also, parents receive monthly child benefits from the German Federal State for the children and 12-15 months for parental leave in addition - if you qualify for child benefit, you need to apply at the Familienkasse.

More detailed information is available from the equal opportunity officer (Frauen*beauftragte) at your department as well.

GEAS will also support childcare or emergency childcare during our workshops and courses. Get in touch with the Coordination or Office if you need support.