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Access to server and VPN

I. Transferring data from home to office:

Use login.zedat.fu-berlin.de and/or the Shell: https://www.zedat.fu-berlin.de/Shell
to access the ftp server to transfer data. You can also logon to the ftp server to get PuTTY on our FTP Server (install the latest version):
(Host: login.zedat.fu-berlin.de)
(For FTP transfers from your home computer to your office hard drive, Windows users should also download the client WINSCP ftp://ftp.fu-berlin.de/pc/network/winscp/ )

II. Getting access to ZEDAT from home:

A. Web Proxy

For configuration in different browsers, see: The ZEDAT Tip4U (in German)

B. VPN Connection

1. Get VPN

Linux: get Open Connect Package
sudo apt-get install network-manager-openconnect
Connect to Cisco AnyConnect (vpn.fu-berlin.de)
can be accessed through the the network manager nm-connection-editor
Login: ZEDAT Username and Password

Windows: Install AnyConnect: https://www.zedat.fu-berlin.de/VPNWindows
Login: vpn.fu-berlin.de
plus ZEDAT Username and Password

MAC: Install AnyConnect: https://www.zedat.fu-berlin.de/VPNMac
Login: vpn.fu-berlin.de
plus ZEDAT Username and Password
or get the Apps AnyConnect for Android and iOS

2. Establish the connection to vpn.fu-berlin.de and enter your username and password

Connect to server (network):
Linux/Windows:\\campus.fu-berlin.de\ or MAC: smb://user.fu-berlin.de/home/[ZEDAT-Username]

3. When asked for a login, you need to use the domain name FU-Berlin to establish a connection

Username: FU-Berlin\[FUBIS-Username]

Find more information (in German) here: Tip4U_VPN