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Tiburtius-Preise für Dissertationen an der Freien Universität Berlin

Zhu Yi wurde für ihre Dissertation zum Thema „Initiating Agenda-Building under Authoritarian Settings. The Public Debate on the Abolition of the ‘Re-education through Labor’ (Laojiao) System in China (2010-2013)”, die von Professorin Bettina Gransow betreut wurde, mit dem dritten Preis ausgezeichnet.

New MA program Global East Asia

The MA Global East Asia (MAGEA) is a two-year consecutive, research-oriented, English taught master’s program.
MAGEA’s classes provide a multi-layered and interdisciplinary perspective on the cultures, history, politics and societies of Korea, Japan and China.

BCCN wins funding for Regional China Competence

The BCCN wins funding from the BMBF funding call for Regional China Compotence. During the period of 2023 till 2025, the new funded project “Transfer Competence Center China” will strengthen the activities of the BCCN by providing funding for a coordinator position, lecture series, events.

2021 DRS Award for Excellent Supervision goes to Barbara Fritz

Each year the Dahlem Research School acknowledges and rewards two professors of Freie Universität Berlin for high quality supervision. Supervisors are nominated for the DRS Award by doctoral researchers of the DRS degree programs. Each award consists of a grant of 2,000 Euros earmarked for further support of junior researchers. This year, GEAS PI and member of LAI, Prof. Barbara Fritz, received the award! Congratulations!

FU Teaching and Education Mission Statement

Freie Universität has developed a mission statement for teaching and learning as well as an educational strategy for the university.

Expertin erfolgreich zum Weggang gezwungen

Der Fall einer Berliner Sinologin zeigt, wie schwer sich Universitäten tun, exzellente Forschende zu halten.

Der Erfolg ist kein Zufall

GEAS Postdoc Aluman and professor of gender studies Hyungyung Kim gives an interview to Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung on the K-Pop wave from "Gangnam Style" to "Parasite".

Wissen über das zeitgenössische Asien bündeln: Interview mit dem neuen Vorstand der Graduate of East Asian Studies

Die Professorinnen Elena Meyer-Clement, Eun-Jeung Lee und Cornelia Reiher bilden den neuen Vorstand der Graduate School for East Asian Studies. Dort wird die wissenschaftliche Expertise an der Freien Universität zu Asien gebündelt.

Interview with Bettina Gransow in Mainichi Shinbun

GEAS PI Bettina Gransow was recently interviewed by the Japanese Newspaper Mainichi Shinbun on Germany's new policies towards China and the Indo-Pacific. The interview also included questions on Germany's position inside the EU, the ongoing human rights conflict in Hongkong, and more.

Berlin Science Week 2020

From 1-10 November 20, look forward to over 200 live panel discussions, virtual meetings, workshops, exhibitions or performances! Most of the events will be held digitally and for free. A handful of events, with all measures related to hygiene and distancing in place, will be held physically in Berlin.

Digital WorldCafé - Wege in die Promotion

2, 9, 16 and 23 July: Foundations and Fellowship institutions present their PhD funding programmes for interested students [in German]

South Korea, two epidemics ahead

GEAS Vice director Eun-Jeung Lee on Covid-19 in the NTV news podcast 22 April 20

Extension of only essential on-site operations until April 26

The reduction of on-site operations to only the most essential ones, which started on March 23, 2020, will be extended until April 26, 2020.

Liberal Democracies under Pressure

Cluster of Excellence “Contestations of the Liberal Script” (SCRIPTS) Kicks off with a Public Opening Ceremony and an Opening Conference from February 6 – 8

Hong Kong's Youth and Democracy

Elena Meyer-Clement, Professor for Chinese Economy and Society, in an interview on Hong Kong's protesat movement.

ERC Consolidator Grant for Genia Kostka

The research project "Data-based governance: Local Experiments in Authoritarian China" by Genia Kostka, Professor of Chinese Studies at Freie Universität Berlin is among one of four new highly competitive ERC Starting Grants in the new Berlin University Alliance.

Project Skynet in China

Elena Meyer-Clement, Professor for Chinese Economy and Society, was interviewed by Handelsblatt on surveillance in China [video]


Yasemin Soysal, Patryk Kusch and Matthew Harder on their FU Research Alumni fellowships [in German]. Yasemin Soysal stayed at GEAS for the month of September 2018.

A Cleaner - You-kyung Byun wins award in video competition

The winners of the video competition "70 years Campus international" have been awarded on Ernst-Reuter Day - GEAS member You Kyung Byun's film protrays a Nigerian who works for the cleaning company commissioned by Freie Universität.

ERC Consolidator Grant for Urs Matthias Zachmann

The new ERC research project "Law without Mercy: Japanese Courts-Martial and Military Courts During the Asia-Pacific War, 1937-1945" by GEAS PI member Prof. Dr. Urs Matthias Zachmann investigates the relationship between law and violence in the Asian part of the Second World War

Two GEAS Directors elected as Vice Presidents of the University

Last Wednesday (11 July), the Extended Academic Senate of the university elected Verena Blechinger-Talcott and confirmed Klaus Mühlhahn as Vice-Presidents of the governing Executive Board (Präsidium) of Freie Universität Berlin. The elected Vice-Presidents will be appointed by the Berlin Senate Administration for Science, which is responsible for universities.

Hannes B. Mosler on the summit meeting of Kim Jon-un and Donald Trump in June

Hannes B. Mosler, Korea expert at GEAS, on the planned meeting between the leader of North-Korea Kim Jong-un and the US President Donald Trump which is schedulded to take place in Singapur in June.

Deutschlandfunk Campus&Karriere on the future of graduate schools

They no longer appear in the future excellence strategy of the federal and state governments. The reason: the promotion of young talent is now established everywhere, so further support is superfluous. But for graduate schools this means stepping into an uncertain future: it is unclear how they will finance their work in the coming years.. Are graduate schools on the brink of collapse?

Interview with Hannes Mosler on the Inter-Korean Summit and Kim's promise of denuclearization

"Experte analysiert den Handschlag der Hoffnung: Wer ist der Gewinner des Korea-Treffens?"- Hannes Mosler on the Inter-Korean Summit and Kim's promise of denuclearization.

Hannes Mosler on future prospects after the 2018 Inter-Korean Summit

"Kim und Moon – kann man dem Frieden trauen?"- Interview with Hannes Mosler, Professor of Korean Studies and expert at GEAS on the future prospects of inter-Korean relations after the summit.

New Ideas for Graduate Schools

Interview with the president of Freie Universität Berlin Peter-André Alt on the future of graduate schools and a video of the expert discussion on occasion of the 4th annual conference of the Network of Graduate Schools in Germany. [In German]

Hannes Mosler on current developments in South and North Korea

Hannes Mosler, Korea Expert at GEAS on the joint US-South Korean military excercises and Kim Jong- un's state visit to China.

Hannes Mosler on suprise summit between US and North Korea

Hannes Mosler, Professor and expert on Korean Studies at GEAS on the suprise summit between US President Trump and the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un.

Interview with Hannes Mosler on current developments in South and North Korea

Hannes B. Mosler has given a interview with Deutsche Welle on current developments in South and North Korea.

++ North Korea tensions rise ahead Olympic Games
++ North and South Korean delegations to meet
++ US vows new N Korea sanctions ahead of Olympics

Hannes Mosler on reopened dialogue between North and South Korea

Hannes Mosler, Korea Expert at GEAS interviewed on the reopened dialogue between North and South Korea, and the participation of North Korean athletes at the Winter Olympics in South Korea in February.

Hannes Mosler on the upcoming trial of former South Korea president Park

Hannes Mosler in an interview with Deutsche Welle, talking about the upcoming trial of former president of South Korea, Park Geun-hye, who will be on trial for corruption.

Hannes Mosler on the presidential elections in South Korea

Hannes Mosler, GEAS expert on party politics and elections in South Korea, in the daily press on the eve of the presidential elections in South Korea.

Hannes Mosler on the current political situation in South Korea

Hannes Mosler has been giving several interviews in the daily press, such as Deutsche Welle Germany (17. März 2017) and China (10. März 2017) as well as Yonhapnews (10. März 2017) on the current political situation in South Korea.

Fukushima: Sicherheit ist relativ

Julia Gerster on living with radioactivity in Fukushima six years after the catastrophe in ZEIT Online, 12 March 2017.

Video News, Tagesschau, 9 Dec 2016: Hannes Mosler on the significance of Park Geun-hye's impeachment.

Pilwha Chang: New International Network Gender Studies Professor

Pilwha Chang is Dahlem International Network Professor for Gender Studies in Winter term 2016/17

New Einstein Visiting Fellow PLUS

Einstein Foundation is funding new research projects again in 2017, among them a new GEAS Visiting Fellow Plus: Gunter Schubert from Tübingen University.
He will be forming a group to analyse Chinese domestic discourses on human rights, adding to the expertise of the already existing Einstein Security in East Asia Project. The Plus Fellow is granted for the first time.

Experience Report UAS

The Beijing Liaison Office has issued an experience report by Angela Leggett who has been awarded the UAS fellowship this year in their Newsletter Sep 2015 (German/Chinese)

DFG-aktuell No 8 - Asia as World Region

A review of projects on Asia funded by the DFG in 2014 and on GEAS in particular (in German)

On the Hiroshima bombing

Japanologin Stefanie Schäfer über die Atombombenabwürfe auf Hiroshima und Nagasaki am 6. und 9. August 1945, die die japanische Politik und Gesellschaft bis heute prägen

Die Olympischen Spiele und der Aufstieg Asiens

Die US-amerikanische Anthropologin Susan Brownell hält am 1. Juni um 16 Uhr einen Vortrag an der Freien Universität

New Einstein Visiting Fellows at GEAS and FSGS

The GEAS is happy to host Japan-US security expert Richard Samuels (MIT) as one of the two new Einstein Visiting Fellows at Freie Universität Berlin from 2015 to 2017. Read the press release

„Breiteres Wissen ermöglicht bessere Entscheidungen“

Die Graduiertenschule für Ostasien-Studien der Freien Universität Berlin bildet künftige Experten für eine der dynamischsten Weltregionen aus

GEAS Guest professor Kim HWang-Sik featured in LETTER 03/2013

Former Prime Minister of Korea, visiting professor at the Korean Institute and one of GEAS' first visiting professors in 2013, Kim Hwang -Sik, has been featured in the DAAD Alumni magazine LETTER 03/2013.

Kim was Korean Prime Minister prior to his stay in Berlin, from 2010-2013, and, among other remarkable positions, he is a Board Member of the DAAD-funded German-Korean Alumni network ADeKo.

The feature is available in the print and online magazine LETTER 03/2013, p. 36-39.

Still Struggling over Interpretation

75 Years after the End of World War II: The war in Asia ended almost four months later than in Europe.
Featured story with Urs Matthias Zachmann