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I have never written a proposal. Can you help me?

The outline of your proposed dissertation project should have a maximum of six pages and should include:

    1. Context, research questions and objectives of your research project
    • What is the main argument?
    • What is the central question you aim to answer in your thesis and why is your question relevant?
    • What are the hypotheses relevant for answering your question?
    • Is there a possible outcome or plan B?
  • 2. Current state of research and most relevant literature
    • Place your topic in the current academic debate
    • literature review
  • 3. Tentative theoretical framework and research methods
    • Which methodology and theoretical framework will you use and why?
    • What are relevant sources for information and how would your fieldwork be conducted?
  • 4. Source material (6th page in general)
    • Bibliography
  • 5. Time schedule (not counting within the six page limit)
    • Detailed schedule with milestones and fieldwork plan