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General admission information for the Doctoral Program

After being admitted to the GEAS doctoral program, the next step is to apply for admission to the department your supervisor belongs to.

You cannot start your research project until you have been accepted by the department ("Zulassung").The application is made to the respective department’s Dean and PhD office. Candidates can find the application form and a list of required documents on the website of the respective graduation office.

The GEAS Application team will proceed your online applications to the PhD offices after the admission to the GEAS doctoral program.

A committee decides whether your qualifications suffice for admission as a doctoral candidate. The department’s committee usually meets at regular intervals.

After acceptance by the department, doctoral candidates must formally enroll as doctoral students with the central student administration office. It is easier to apply for a visa after the admission (Zulassung) is granted.

To conclude the admission process and to enroll, please have your originals or certified copies at hand to present them to the corresponding offices.