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How do I prepare for arrival in Berlin?

The steps for successful arrival (after a successful selection process) are:

1. Receive the admission letter from the PhD Office of the respective department (in May/June).

2. Make an appointment to apply for a visa at the German Embassy or Consulate in your country. Receive the Hosting Agreement from our graduate school.

3. Prepare to apply for accommodation with the admission letter at either Studierendenwerk or the exchange Accommodation Service Berlin (Registration starts generally in June).

4. Prepare German basic courses (if interested) with either FUB-CSC or the Language Center at Freie Unviersität Berlin. Registration for the language centre courses starts usually mid-June.

5. Take out health insurance. It is necessary to either choose statutory health insurance or private health insurance if you stay in Germany for longer than 6 months. We recommend statutory health insurance, even if it may seem more expensive. If you want to choose private, check out the DAAD insurance or the Vela private insurance (please do not go for the cheapest packages. It is your health, after all!

5. Prepare your flight/train ticket for arrival in July/August. The semester starts October 1st. Please be in Berlin in time.