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My referees did not get a notice. What shall I do?

It is highly recommended that you ask for a reference letter in advance. Please explain to your referees that you are going to apply for GEAS and that they themselves have to upload their letters of reference online and in time (!).

The application system will automatically send an e-mail with a generated link to your supervisors immediately after you have filled out the corresponding text field.

The field is case-sensitive and sends out a mail as soon as you have entered a valid email address. You can also renew sending the mail by entering the address into the field again. If you have entered the mail without filling out the personal data of your referee first, the mail might not be delivered properly. Please also spell-check the address and correct mistakes if necessary.

It is your responsibility to ascertain that your references will be uploaded properly. Please brief your referees before the procedure that the system only accepts pdf (under 2KB). If there are technical problems and your references were not uploaded properly despite this, please contact application[at]geas.fu-berlin.de immediately.