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Promovierende 2013

You Kyung Byun


100,000 Won Friends: Calculating Gifts and Debts Among Dear Friends in South Korean Institutional Network

Oul Han


Measuring Frames: Discursive Institutions in Polarized Politics

Ulv Hanssen


Japan's Temporal Others: How the Past Has Shaped Japanese Postwar Security Policy

Paul Joscha Kohlenberg


Visible and Invisible Guidance: Adaptive Institutional Change and CCP Document-Politics

Florentine Koppenborg

Climate and energy policy in Japan

Eva Liias

Higher Education in the European-Asian Relations - Role of Universities

Silvan Meier

The Organisational Transformation of Media Groups in China

Daniela Simon

The Imperial House of Japan in Times of National Crises

Eun Hee Woo

Institutional Change and Intra-Party Democracy : Mechanisms of Party Elite Recruitment in Korea and Germany

Giulia Zennaro

Change in the Institutional Field: Private Art Museums in China, 2005-2014