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Promovierende 2016

Oyuna Baldakova

Win-Win on the Local Level: The Belt and Road Initiative in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and its Stakeholder Narratives

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Lu Chen

Alumna | DAAD

The Moving Temples--A Study on the Religious Organizations of Fishermen in the Eastern Part of Tai Lake

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Olteun Kim


The Policy Decision Process beyond Anti-LGBT Politics in South Korea

Xinyi Lin


Understanding different pathways towards low carbon transition - A comparison of urban energy transition in Germany and China

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Chaline Mondwurf

The Role of Mediating Institutions for Brazilian Migrants in Japan

Viktória Orbán

Non-traditional Security Cooperation between Dependent Members of the US Alliance System: the Euro-Japanese Partnership

Bonaventura Rescigno

Legitimacy and the production of ideas: the "new type of think tanks with Chinese characteristics"

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Eva Seiwert


„China’s evolving interest in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation“

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Marie Weishaupt

Nuclear Threat, Self-Evacuation and New Life Itineraries: An Institutional Approach to Care Provision in the Aftermath of 3.11

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Weijing Xing


A Reversed Transregional Diffusion? A Study on Japan-EU cooperation

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