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Viktória Orbán

Non-traditional Security Cooperation between Dependent Members of the US Alliance System: the Euro-Japanese Partnership

Hittorfstr. 18
14195 Berlin

Viktória Orbán is a foreign policy analyst with a background in European and Northeast Asian security affairs. Before commencing her research at the Graduate School of East Asian Studies she served at the Hungarian Embassy to Japan and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation’s Tokyo office.

Her research interests include globalization and non-traditional security, the US alliance system and Europe-USA-Japan military and security relations. She holds an MA in Globalization Studies from Sophia University in Tokyo, and a BA in International Relations from the Corvinus University of Budapest.

With the emergence of the new security challenges that globalization brought about, and parallel to the relative decline of the United States, it has become increasingly reasonable for members of the post-War US alliance system to build partnerships between each other in the realm of non-traditional security.

Viktória Orbán researches the conditions under which this novel form of security partnership becomes viable, through the example of tightening multi- and bilateral level cooperation between Washington’s primary Transatlantic and Transpacific allies, Europe and Japan, in the areas of  counter-terrorism and intelligence, cyber- and outer space, maritime security and joint weapons development.