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Promovierende 2017

Mei Chen

Policy Making in China's Health System

Gwendolyn Domning

Presidential Depravity Abides – Continuities and Changes of Institutionalized Corruption in South Korea since Democratization

Lenard Görögh

The Emergence of New Markets and Business Models in Present-Day Japan

John Jacobs

Japan’s Security Cooperation with Europe: Between the Bilateral US-Japan Alliance and UN Multilateralism

Hendrik Johannemann


Anti-LGBTI Activism in South Korea and Its Transnational Connectedness

Misun Kim


A Study on the Colonial Origins of the Modern Korean Political System

Bin Li


Exploring the New Chinese Community in Japan: A Study of Ikebukuro’s Chinese Community

Elizabeth Noble

A different lens: social change and female photographers in Japan in the 1990s

Marina Zucker Marques

The Chinese Strategy of Renminbi Internationalization