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Homecoming Symposium I

Feb 02, 2018 | 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM

The doctoral candidates from our third cohort are back from their fieldwork in Asia and will present their findings and new ideas at our Homecoming Symposium. The purpose of the symposium is to give our PhD students the chance to receive feedback on their progress from a variety of different researchers and peers before they start writing their dissertation.



Friday, February 2, 2018

9:00 – 10:00                Ji Young Heo (Political Science/Korea)

Identity politics and the protestant right in South Korea  


10:00 – 11:00              Madeleine Heuer (Political Science/Korea)

The South Korean discourse on North Korean defectors: A comparison of progressive and conservative frames


11:00 11:15               Coffee break


11:15 – 12:15               Hyuk Jung (Political Science/Korea)

The Un/Making of Human Rights: How activists contest the control of North Korean human rights


12:15 – 13:15               Lunch


13:15 – 14:15                Anselm Huppenbauer (Political Science/Korea)

The evolution of regional institutions in the Tumen River region after 2005


14:15 – 15:15                 Julia Gerster (Social Anthropology/Japan)

Kizuna”: The dynamics of social ties in post-disaster Japan. Impacts of the Great East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Radiation


15:15 – 15:30                Coffee break


15:30 – 16:30                Elena Korshenko (Political Science/Japan)

Perpetuated instability? Life cycle of new and minor parties in Japan, 2005-2016                


16:30 - 17:30                 Julia Teebken (Political Science/China)

Climate vulnerability: Wicked problem or neglected responsibility? Local approaches in China and the United States

Please note that this symposium takes place on two different dates.

Time & Location

Feb 02, 2018 | 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM

Lecture Hall
Topoi Villa
Hittorfstr. 18
14195 Berlin