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Rethinking 1950s China – New Approaches, New Materials

Oct 12, 2017 - Oct 13, 2017

The workshop is hosted by Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 700 “Governance in Areas of Limited Statehood“ and co-sponsored by GEAS. For further details please contact the coordinators of SFB700.

Oct 11th, 2018

Opening Dinner
Welcoming address by Klaus MÜHLHAHN (Freie Universität Berlin)

Oct 12th, 2018


Opening Remarks
1. ZHANG Jishun (East China Normal University, PRC)
2. Klaus MÜHLHAHN (Freie Universität Berlin, GER)

Session I: New Materials
Moderator: Anja BLANKE (Freie Universität Berlin, GER)
Paper Giver:
1. ZHANG Jishun (East China Normal University, PRC): Non-governmental historical records and the turn towards humanities in contemporary Chinese Studies as seen from the collection of documents on contemporary China at ECNU (East China Normal University)
2. Daniel LEESE (University of Freiburg, GER): Reflecting Opinions, Relaying Experiences: 'Xuanjiao Dongtai' and Internal Information Circuits in the Late 1950s

Session II: 1950’s – the Early Years
Moderator: Hajo FRÖLICH (Freie Universität Berlin, GER)
Paper Giver:
1. LIU Jianping (East China Normal University, PRC): The Research on Tsu Chen Chao in the early days of New China
2. XIAO Yanzhong (East China Normal University): The Spirituality Maker – Mao in the thought genealogy in modern China

Session III: The Golden Era? - Rethinking 1950’s economics
Moderator: Klaus MÜHLHAHN (Freie Universität Berlin, GER)
Paper Giver:
1. FENG Xiaocai (East China Normal University, PRC): Guilds and the transformation of China’s private sector of industry and commerce in the 1950s
2. Felix BÖCKING (University of Edinburgh, UK): What price socialism? The cost of thinking about markets in the PRC and elsewhere in the 1950s and 1960s
3. LIU Yanwen (East China Normal University, PRC): “Blind” flow of irregular migrants in China: The Great Leap Forward from the perspective of internal migration

Session IV: Social(ist) transformation? – Reshaping Chinese social categories in the 1950s
Moderator: Nicolas SCHILLINGER (Freie Universität Berlin, GER)
Paper Giver:
1. RUAN Qinghua (East China Normal University, PRC): Reconstruction of “peasant” status in the evacuation of urban population in Shanghai during the 1950-1960s
2. Felix WEMHEUER (University of Cologne, GER): Classification and Intersectional Hierarchies in Maoist China
3. JING Wenyu (University of Cologne): Enhance the consciousness: the transformation of the rural grassroots cadres in the road to collectivization

Oct 13th, 2017

Session V: New Approaches and Methods
Moderator: Anna BELOGUROVA (GEAS, GER)
Paper Giver:
1. Matthew JOHNSON (Grinnell College, USA): New China’s Wartime Cosmopolitanism: Media Industries, Cinematic Exchange, and Grassroots International Culture, 1949-1953
2. Glenn TIFFERT (University of Michigan, USA): Peering down the memory hole: history, censorship, and the digital turn
3. LIU Yajuan (East China Normal University, PRC): Flirting with the „Modern Girl“ – Socialism and Cosmopolitanism in the Packaging of Model-Workers in Shanghai, 1949-1963

Final Discussion: Future Cooperations
Open Discussion about future collaborations, moderated by
Klaus MÜHLHAHN (Freie Universität Berlin, GER)