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New Blog “Steering Urban-Rural Integration in China” Launched for DFG Project

News from Jun 11, 2018

A new blog has been created for the DFG (German Science Foundation) research project “Steering Urban-Rural Integration: Administrative Reconfiguration for a Unified Citizenship”. Research updates, events, and publications will be published on the website.

The project is a collaboration between Prof. Dr. Elena Meyer-Clement and Dr. René Trappel (University of Freiburg). It commenced in March 2018 and it investigates the steering capacity and governability of the Chinese political system with regard to the reforms that are aimed at achieving the “integrated development of urban and rural areas”, or in short, “urban-rural integration”. The project will involve extensive fieldwork in different parts of China.

The blog also welcomes guest posts on related issues in the fields of urbanization, migration, rural development and land politics. If you are interested in writing a post, please contact Prof. Dr. Elena Meyer-Clement or Xiang Wang.  

The blog is accessible to the public via: https://userblogs.fu-berlin.de/urban_rural_integration/