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New Europeaum Scholar

Alice Trinke (PhD History/Sinology) has been accepted into the 2nd Cohort of the Europaeum Scholars Programme 2020/21

News from Apr 01, 2020

FU Berlin is a member of the Europaeum network of leading Europeaeum universities. We are excited about one of our GEAS members, Alice Trinkle (Associatd PhD), having been elected into the second cohort of Europaeum Scholars who will start their journey in April 2020.

The EUROPAEUM SCHOLARS PROGRAMME is a professional skills and leadership programme that is taken alongside an existing doctorate. It is designed for those exceptional students who have the capacity and the desire to shape the future of Europe for the better. This two-year project is multi-disciplinary, multi-university, and multi-locational and focused on contemporary European policy: https://europaeum.org/

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