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Visiting Fellows in October: Gregory W Noble, Gunter Schubert, Duk-hoon Lee, and Seog Kyeun Kwun

News from Oct 03, 2017

Gregory W Noble (University of Tokyo, Institute of Social Sciences) and Einstein Visiting Fellow plus Gunter Schubert are visiting/returning to GEAS in October 2017.

Duk-hoon Lee (Korea Eximbank) and Seog Kyeon Kwun  (Hankuk University, BusEcon) are extending their stays for another semester and will be actively participating in both GEAS and Korean Studies collqouia and conferences. Welcome (back again)!

Our new visiting fellow Gregory Noble is invited as discussant and expert on China and Japan in the Zurich-GEAS Publication Workshop 2017 and will have meetings with students to discuss their research from a social science perspective.

Einstein fellow Gunter Schubert is hosting a roundtable on 17 October with Deputy Minister of Taiwan Mainland Council Chang. He will also host a Workshop, organized by the EVF+ Project on Migration Management in China.