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Korea Competence Week 2022

Sep 05, 2022 - Sep 09, 2022

The Korea-Europe Center at the Institute of Korean Studies/Freie Universität Berlin hosts the Workshop Series Korea Competence Week for graduate students and PhD candidates intending to enhance the academic and political competence of those involved in Korea-related research and politics.

Registration is closed. All participants have been invited.

Korea Competence Week
Bildquelle: Institute of Korean Studies

The workshop series comprises four parts:

1. Methodology Workshop
   Monday, 5th September 2022, 9am – 6:20pm

Facilitators: Prof. Dr. Lee, Eun-Jeung, Dr. Choe, Hyondok

2. Publication Writing Workshop
   Tuesday, 6th September 2022, 10am – 4pm

Instructor: Dr. Christoph M. Michael

3. Policy Paper Writing Workshop
   Wednesday, 7th September 2022, 10am  – 4 pm
   Thursday, 8th September 2022, 10am – 12pm

4. Strategic Dialogue Workshop
   Thursday, 8th September 2022, 2pm - 6pm
   Friday, 9th September 2022, 10 am – 12pm, Group work, 2 pm - 4 pm