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EVF+ Workshop: Comparing Migration Management in East Asia

Oct 19, 2017 - Oct 20, 2017

“Comparing Migration Management, International Law and Identity in East Asia”


How does East Asia respond to global migration? Which policies are designed in this region of the world to cope with economically and politically-induced migration flows which increasingly impact on China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong? To what extent are these policies informed by international norms and values? How are they implemented by government bureaucracies, and how do immigrants react to them? What underlying strategies do governments pursue by their immigration policies: are they trying to integrate, accommodate or assimilate immigrants and what do these concepts mean in the East Asian context? Finally, how does immigration in East Asia shape, even change, East Asian identities which are often found ethnocentrically closed and discriminatory against those who are not “genuine” Chinese, Japanese or Korean? What role does East Asian nationalism, in its different manifestations, play in the region’s migration management? These are the problems which this workshop will tackle.

Workshop Program

Day 1 (October 19)


David Chiavacci (University of Zurich)

Reflecting on the East Asian migration region in transition

10.00-11.00 Elena Soboleva (National Research University — Higher School of Economics, Saint Petersburg)

China's refugee policy

11.00-11.15 Coffee break

Ka-Kin Cheuk (Leiden University)

Foreign Migration Governance from Below: An Ethnographic Case of a Local Chinese Market in Zhejiang Province

12.30-14.00  Lunch

Franziska Plümmer (University of Tubingen)

Bridgehead but gatekeeper: local governments at Yunnan's border


Verena Blechinger-Talcott (Freie Universität Berlin)

Migration politics in contemporary Japan

16.00-16.15  Coffee break

Chaline Timmerarens (Freie Universität Berlin)

The Brazilian return migrants in Japan


Yonson Ahn (University of Frankfurt)

Marriage migration and state multiculturalism in Korea



Day 2 (October 20)


You Jae Lee (University of Tubingen)

South Korean Labour Migration Regime since the 1990s


Gunter Schubert (University of Tubingen)

Mainland Chinese immigration to Hong Kong

11.00-11.15  Coffee Break

Björn Ahl (University of Cologne)

How China Attracts Foreign Nationals: Recent Changes in the Legal Framework of Migration

12.15-14.00  Lunch

Isabelle Cheng (University of Portsmouth)

Playing Catch-Up along the Track of Immigration: Taiwan's Proximity to Sovereignty, Selectivity and Benevolence


Elena Barabantseva (University of Manchester)

To lose yourself to find your citizenship: the narratives of intimate borders among Russian speaking wives in the PRC

16.00-16.15  Coffee Break

Elena Meyer-Clement (Freie Universität Berlin)

What makes a Chinese citizen? A search for discursive linkages between internal and external migration in China


Anna L. Ahlers (Oslo University)

Asymmetries in World Society? Chinese notions of national citizenship

   Concluding discussion

 Please register with Anastasyia Bayok by October 15th if you would like to participate in the workshop: anastasiya.bayok@fu-berlin.de

Time & Location

Oct 19, 2017 - Oct 20, 2017

Workshop venue:
Oct. 19th: Room 2.2051 (Holzlaube)
Oct. 20th: Room 0.2052 (Holzlaube)
at Freie Universität Berlin
Fabeckstr. 23-25
14195 Berlin