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Long Night of Taxes

Mar 25, 2021 | 06:00 PM

Ever wondered how to get a tax refund? Have you had your first teaching job, or a mini, midi, part-time, full-time or freelance job at FU or anywhere else in 2020? Did you know that there are many ways to get a relief for the last year? Did you donate anything last year? Did you apply for Corona subsidies? Ever got a "Kontrollmitteilung" from the finance ministry?  Ever thought of asking the state to pay your move, books, etc,  or did you ever think about getting a refund for associations? Ever wondered if there is a refund for the health insurance? Do you have any questions on the Corona-Home-Office-Pauschale? Ever wondered what to make of VBL or social security?

Let us find the answers together! Let us collect invoices, receipts, and ideas together and work on filing the forms early this year! Grab your favourite drink and join us via video or at the villa and work together - earlier than usual!

Further Information

Please contact coordinator@geas.fu-berlin.de for a digital invitation to Webex, or - if possible, at the villa (restricted access during Corona).