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CoP Meeting | Long Night of Tax (Declarations)

May 18, 2022 | 06:00 PM

We are starting another Long Night of taxes to do our tax declaration together this year (for employees and self-employed). Fellows with fellowships can also attend out of interest!

VERY IMPORTANT: The tax declaration is made digital. We have a program this year (WiSO), but if you like, you can buy and install a program (tax 2021 (about 20 EUR, which you can also declare) , or the App taxfix for employees) . Collect and keep all your receipts and bring anything you are not sure about with you! Anyone is welcome to will attend our long night of tax declaration so that we can overcome the fear of the tax declaration and spend a nice evening together. Bring some snacks and tasty food if you like!

What you can declare:

1. office space at home (if it is used almost exclusively for professional purposes) or Corona lump sum
2. specialist literature
3. insurances (health insurance, liability for example)
4. health costs (glasses, physiotherapy for example)
5. study/further education (tuition fees, seminars and evening courses with professional relevance not reimbursed by FU)
6. professional associations and donations (membership fees, union membership and other donations)
7. application costs (postage, material and travel costs for example)
8. child care (2/3 for children under 14)
9. commuteing expenses
10. renovation and relocation, or annual household costs (Handwerksleistungen in your Nebenkostenabrechnung)
11. business trips (proportional or reimbursed from FU)
12. telephone and internet (at least 20 % are always accepted)
13. volunteering jobs

Please send a short mail to coordinator for preparation purposes.

Further Information

Please contact coordinator[at] geas.fu-berlin.de to let us know how many people will come or if you want to attend digitally. We will meet in the meeting room/lecture hall 010/011.