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Associated Doctoral Candidates

Qinglong Liu

Triple Alliance guest researcher (PhD), 02.23-09.23

Cooperation between the Chinese government and Saudi Arabian government in renewable energy policy

Yukie Sato

Guest researcher (PhD), JSPS fellow, 03.23-09.23

Violence in Cold War East Asia and the U.S.: Focusing on the Carter Administration's HUman Rights Diplomacy Toward South Korea and Taiwan

Alice Trinkle

PhD Candidate

Understanding socialist economic reform as a global phenomenon. Assessing exchanges between Europe and China and their influence on Chinese economic reform in the 1980s and 1990s

Jiaxuan Yu

Guest researcher (PhD), CSC fellow, 08.22-08.23

Sumire Negishi

Guest researcher (PhD), Core2Core fellow, 12.2022-02.2023

The Formation and Diffusion of Norms in Common Immigration Policy in EU and German Immigration Policy – Focusing on the relationship among EU, German Government and German Civil Society

Lin Xu

Associated Fellow (PhD) 2021-22

Non-Governmental Organizations’ Policy Advocacy under Disparate Political Opportunity Structures in China

Xiang Wang

PhD Candidate

Transforming urban villages in China

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Qingye Guo


Migration Politics and Migration Management in Contemporary China


Sean Wang

PhD Candidate

Chinese birth tourism as cosmopolitan strategies? Reflections on personal narratives and clairvoyance

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Michael Ehring

Guest pre-doctoral candidate 2019/20

Chinese/Japanese engagement in Cambodia