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Selection Committee 2022

The Selection Committee is formed by representatives of the Departments History and Cultural Studies, Political and Social Sciences, Business and Economics, Philosophy and Humanities, and Law. The committee is composed of six professors (at least two directors and four professors) and one postdoctoral researcher. Two doctoral members and the coordinator are advisory members.

Selection Commitee 2021-23

Eun-Jeung Lee  (Anita von Poser, 2021-22) professor
Sabrina Habich-Sobiegalla Urs Matthias Zachmann professor
Cornelia Reiher Verena Blechinger-Talcott professor
Gülay Caglar Sabine Kropp professor
Barbara Fritz Gregory Jackson professor
Doris Kolesch   professor
Markus Heintzen   professor
Alfonso Sánchez Romera   postdoctoral researcher (2022-23)
Lynn Ng   advisory doctoral researcher (2021-22)
Yicheng Chen   advisory doctoral researcher (2022-23)
Katrin Gengenbach   advisory member