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Paul Joscha Kohlenberg

Paul Joscha Kohlenberg
Image Credit: Marcus Reichmann


Visible and Invisible Guidance: Adaptive Institutional Change and CCP Document-Politics

Paul is a fluent Chinese language speaker who received a BA in International Relations from Dresden University and went on to complete graduate degrees at Oxford University (MSc in Modern Chinese Studies) and Warwick University (LLM in Development Law & Human Rights). He is a graduate of UC Berkeley’s IUP Programme for Chinese Language Studies and completed a traineeship at the EU-Delegation to China (Political Section and Cooperation Section), before joining GEAS as a doctoral candidate in 2013.

Chinese political terminology & discourse

Communist party & leadership politics

China’s foreign policy

Human Rights in China


Kohlenberg, P. J. (2017). The Use of “Comrade” as a Political Instrument in the Chinese Communist Party, from Mao to Xi. The China Journal, 77(1), 72-92.  

Kohlenberg, P. J. (2017). Chinas Kommunistische Partei vor Xi Jinpings zweiter Amtsperiode als Vorsitzender: im Spannungsfeld individueller Machtkonsolidierung und kollektiver Parteitraditionen. SWP-Aktuell 2017/A 03 .  

Wermke, K., Teiser, J., Yovsi, E., Kohlenberg, P. J., Wermke, P., Robb, M., ... & Lamm, B. (2016). Fundamental frequency variation within neonatal crying: does ambient language matter?. Speech, Language and Hearing, 19(4), 211-217.  

Kohlenberg, P. J. (2012). China und die" Rückkehr" der USA nach Asien: aus chinesischen Fachzeitschriften des ersten Halbjahrs 2012. SWP-Journal Review 2012/ZS 05.

Awards and Prizes

Oxford University China Centre Departmental Scholarship Award

Full Postgraduate Scholarship by the German Academic Exchange Service

Full Scholarship, Chinese Scholarship Council

Warwick University IDLHR Student Prize: Best Graduating Student of the LLM Programme

Oxford University China Centre: Best Graduating Student of MSc Programme