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Seunghwan Ryu

Seunghwan Ryu
Image Credit: Seunghwan Ryu

Supervisors: Eun-Jeung Lee, Jessica Gienow-Hecht


North Korean Socialist Globalization Project in Africa during the Cold War era: Memory, Modernity, and Identity


Ryu, Seung Hwan. 2023. "Between Second and Third World: North Korean Use of “Imagined Affinity” in the Socialist Globalization Project with Regard to Tanzania (1965–1970)". Comparativ 33 (3): 359-376. DOI: 10.26014/j.comp.2023.03.05

Ryu, Seung Hwan. 2022. “North Korean Engagement in Africa During the Cold War: A Survey of Recent Historiographical Analyses”. Korea Europe Review: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Politics, Society, and Economics, no. 2 (June). Berlin, Germany. https://doi.org/10.48770/ker.2022.no2.13.