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If you need advice on Research Integrity, you can contact the Coordination Office for Research Integrity, or stop by their office:

Coordination Office for Research Integrity at Freie Universität

Dr. Britta Anstötz ((VI GWP), Tel. +49 30 838 65568, E-mail: britta.anstoetz(at)fu-berlin.de
Dr. Thomas Weitner (VI GWP), Tel.: +49 30 838 59482, Email: thomas.weitner(at)fu-berlin.de

Prof. em. Irmela Hijiya-Kirschnereit

Ombudsperson of the Host Department (HistCult)

History and Cultural Studies

The Ombudsperson of the Department of History and Cultural Studies, Irmela Hijiya KIrschnereit (and Wolfgang Busch), is currently also responsible for GEAS.

Special Departmental Conflict Counselors for PhDs:

Political Sciences: Cilja Harders (Political Sciences), Thomas Stodulka (Anthropology)

Business and Economics: Natalia Danzer, Jörg Sydow

Please find a list of all ombudspersons of all departments at Contact Office for Research Integrity: https://www.fu-berlin.de/sites/gwp/ansprechpersonen/index.html