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Data handling

Data handling is a very important measure for every research project. At any point in your research career or further projects, you might be asked how you are going to or how you have handled your data. 

This should be prepared in the project planning phase and should always be adapted during the entire project. The following points should be considered in your research data management.

  •     What kind of data is generated and how is it generated?
  •     Which methods are used?
  •     Which general conditions (standards and policies of the discipline, research institution or funding agency) apply with regard to archiving and publication?
  •     Which formats will be chosen and how large will the volume of data be?
  •     How will data be named and ordered?
  •     How will the data be regularly backed up?
  •     How will sensitive data be protected?
  •     How will the data be described?
  •     Should the data be published later? If not, why? If yes, where and with which license? 

The university library research data management is able to help you manage your data. if you have any questions on storage or a good storage facility, we have a lot of specialists that also help you develop a plan.