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Data repository

Good research practice recommendations by DFG ask all researchers to keep their research data for about 10 years after publication.

For backup services, you can ask the ZEDAT.

For a long-time repositiory, the FU library is able to store your data institutionally. As the Freie Universität Berlin institutional repository, Refubium provides Freie Universität members with a free-of-cost framework to electronically publish documents, doctoral and habiltation theses, as well as research data. Even if you do not want to electronically publish your data, they can help with long-time storage (Langzeitarchivierung).

Any questions on the refubium and your research data:

E-Mail: forschungsdaten@fu-berlin.de

Redaktion Dokumentenserver

Freie Universität Berlin University Library
Garystr. 39 
D-14195 Berlin

Questions concerning the publication of your research data
E-mail: kontakt[at]refubium.fu-berlin.de