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Writing Lab

InstructorAnne Schneppen
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StartJan 14, 2015 | 10:00 AM
endJan 17, 2015 | 04:00 PM

14.01.2015 10.00-16.00

16.01.2015 10.00-16.00

17.01.2015 10.00-16.00

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Writing Lab


Whether you simply want to improve your academic writing or are considering a career in journalism or publishing, good writing skills are beneficial in most professions. Contrary to popular belief, the art of good writing doesn´t depend on innate talents. A sound piece of writing requires learning basic techniques.

This workshop will help you to

   * write sentences that have impact

     * express yourself clearly, to the point and in good style

     * edit and improve your texts

     * present yourself effectively in written statements and oral speeches

     * know, address and motivate specific audiences in the academics, the media, as well as

        the general public

     * focus on the needs of your readers and listeners: how to get your message across

     * expand your professional skills. Why not consider a career in journalism, editing or


The „Writing Lab“ is developed based on your needs and wishes. Participants are asked to submit writing and will also prepare texts in group sessions. Together, we will work on these and other texts to learn how to improve our writing. While the morning sessions will introduce you to concepts, background & theory, the longer afternoon sessions will focus on application & training-on-the-job: analyzing, writing, editing and presenting.The training includes reading assignments from online materials and texts that will be distributed during the workshop.


Main topics


1. Introduction to good writing


The elements of style

Working on vocabulary

How to give your words power: the importance of verbs

Dangerous traps: clichés, adjectives and empty phrases

How to be simple without simplifying

Finding good headlines

The importance of a strong beginning

How to edit yourself


2. Writing for the mass media (and beyond)


Sit down and start: writing under pressure

Writing for an audience

Basic news reporting

Writing for print media

Writing for the web

How to get published

Reporting and presenting

Academics vs. journalism?


Recommended reading (useful, but not mandatory):

The Elements of Style, by William Strunk Jr and E.B. White (all editions)

100 Ways to Improve your writing, Gary Provost, Penguin Books, London (all editions)

Anne Schneppen has worked in writing and editing, journalism and PR for more than 20 years. She spent 11 years in Japan and South Korea as the political correspondent for the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine and holds an MA in literature and international law.