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Research Design


TypeMethods Course
InstructorElena Meyer-Clement, Cornelia Reiher
InstitutionGraduate School of East Asian Studies
RoomHittorfstr. 18 K.18
StartNov 04, 2016 | 09:00 AM
endJan 20, 2017 | 04:00 PM

Friday,Novemver 04, 9am-16pm

Friday, November 18, 9am-16pm

Friday, December 16, 9am-16pm

Friday, January 20, 9am-16pm

In this course PhD-students who start working on their projects will be introduced to the components of a PhD-thesis, receive guidance for their work process and have the chance to discuss their project in depth. This is a seminar for beginning PhD students to develop the overall design of their dissertation projects. In the early phase of the PhD program students are often required to work on each component of their projects (whether it’s theory or methods or sources) separately in different contexts and courses. However, to eventually become the basis for a successful dissertation, all of these different components must be brought together into a coherent whole. This seminar is therefore about focusing on the big picture. The course will serve as a practical forum for students to think about, discuss, and receive guidance on the integration of their early-phase PhD work into an overall dissertation project, in line with the specific standards and requirements of the Graduate School of East Asian Studies.