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DAAD conference trips

Application requirements for conference trips

Eligible for funding are scientists and scholars with a doctorate who have proven their research achievements and who are integrated into the German science system and whose life is centred in Germany in the long term. This also includes emeriti.
German and foreign scientists and scholars conducting research abroad are eligible to apply if they are funded by a German funding organisation abroad and do not receive funding from this organisation for congress and lecture tours.
Furthermore, German and foreign doctoral students who are conducting research abroad are only eligible to apply if they are enrolled for a full doctorate at a German university.
German and foreign scientists who are resident and employed abroad are not eligible for funding.
During the doctorate and in the first five years after the doctorate, funding is possible once per calendar year, thereafter every second calendar year.
This regulation applies to all grants in the three programme lines: congress trips, lecture tours and HAW.International: congress and exhibition trips.
Employees of non-university institutions and freelancers are eligible to apply during the doctorate and in the first five years after the doctorate.
This five-year period may be extended if proof of child-raising periods for children under 12 years of age can be provided for this period.

Selection criteria

The DAAD supports congress trips in accordance with the following criteria:

  •     Plausible justification of the trip
  •     Significance of the trip for the applicant's career/professional perspectives, for the field of study and for international scientific cooperation
  •     Academic achievements, including periods abroad and awards
  •     Publication performance over the last five years (number and impact)
  •     Relationship between travel costs and income

In addition, the size of the available budget is decisive. Please take into account already during the planning stage that experience shows that not all applications can be funded.

Application Deadline

4 months before the conference trip!!!