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Funding for the advancement of women in History and Cultural Studies (Fu Geschkult)

Within the context of performance-based allocation of funds for the advancement of women*’s equality at Freie Universität Berlin, the women's representative of the Department of History and Cultural studies invites applications for material subsidies at the Department of History and Cultural Studies. Only members of the department may apply.

These funds will be used in particular to support the scientific careers of women*. They are used specifically for the promotion of research and teaching of women* at the faculty. The grant will be announced once or twice a year through the History and Cultural Studies mailing list. 

1. Support for individuals

This funding line shall serve as individual promotion of academic and professional career development and requires a clearly defined timeframe and reasons for applying.

Examples: Subsidies for travel expenses, accommodation costs for conference participation (only with self-contribution), archive or research trips (application with detailed budget plan according to the Federal Travel Expenses Act, as well as time and travel plan), further and advanced education courses, employment of other people with work contracts), which enable women* to support their career development in academia.

2. Promotion of projects

Funding in this area aims to support projects in which gender studies and gender issues play a role. The projects supported can be used for start-up financing, often also as co-financing, and must clearly show that they are feasible. Examples: Conferences and resulting publications, workshops for young female* scientists, other scientific events in the department that contribute to the networking and visibility of gender studies in the department.


The written application should include the following:

  • a cover letter with explanations of the project and a justification of the eligibility of the project, as well as the reference to the study or doctorate and a project description
  • a detailed expense budget of the amount of funding applied for (including information on further funding applications for the same project and already approved co-financing)
  • proof of FU membership by enrolment papers or personnel number
  • Indication of reasons for the application for this funding in particular
  • Copies of invoices/documents, if applicable (no original documents!) (e.g. conference invitations, or documented flight itinerary to a conference)
  • In the case of (1) "Support for individuals": a curriculum vitae of the applicant.

Further documents shall be submitted upon request.

Only women* of the Faculty of History and Cultural Studies are eligible to apply for "(1) Individuals". For "(2) Projects/Content", all members of the Faculty of History and Cultural Studies are eligible to apply. The person submitting the application and the beneficiary must both have a recognizable relationship to the intended project(s) and be either employed or enrolled at Freie Universität Berlin.


The allocation of material resources is not performance-related, but needs-based, and therefore does not depend on the academic achievements or grades.

  • Subsequent support of projects already carried out is not possible.
  • The purchase of computers and other devices and accessories is not supported.
  • The participation on summer schools is not supported.
  • Women's* funding does not award doctoral scholarships.
  • Only one application per person is considered per bid.
  • The application volume should not exceed EUR 2000.00€.


We expect your applications by e-mail. Please send the application as a Word or PDF document! The application should not exceed five pages (not included are the curriculum vitae as well as the detailed cost statement)!

Please note that applications that do not comply with the specifications will not be considered!

The application is explicitly open to women with a trans background, provided the civil status has changed

If you have any questions, please contact: frauenbeauftragte[at]geschkult.fu-berlin.de