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Guidelines for Travel Reimbursement for GEAS Early Career Researchers

Travel Funding Applications


  1. A flexible budget for travel is available for GEAS PhD members during their first 3-4 years of study or research.
  2. Note that the travel budget is available from GEAS, but GEAS will not be responsible for the reimbursement. The travel department at Freie Universität will check that your travel follows all regulations within the Federal Travel Expense Act and will reimburse all lawful expenses after the travel.
  3. Please try to always book or search for the lowest fares possible. Higher fares need proof (screenshots) and explanations.
  4. Please also keep in mind to book flexible tickets if your plans change, and look for flexible cancellation policies.
  5. Only salaried fellows are insured with accident insurance during the business trip. It is recommended to take out private travel health and cancellation insurance (Reisekrankenversicherung; Rücktrittskostenversicherung).