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STEP 2 Travel Reimbursement (after travel)

Please download and fill out the form for travel reimbursement "Abrechnung der Reisekosten" at the FU intranet.

(The form is only available through the FU intranet. If you cannot access it, try to go to www.fu-berlin.de and click on \Direct Links\Personal)

Please note that the university is only able to reimburse incurring and personal expenses. No third party or accompanying person can be reimbursed.

What you need for reimbursement:

  1. Copy of travel approval by the department.
  2. Program (full program) of event.
  3. Invoices for travel and/or accommodation (Original)
  4. Receipts (original) Bills and receipts for food and drinks are not necessary. Germany has fixed daily allowances.
  5. Itinerary and boarding cards/train tickets. (original or pdf/jpg printouts with scan code).
  6. By payment with credit or debit card: bank statement of transfer.
  7. Should you have paid the fees for any expenses in another currency than EUR, please
     use the sum indicated in the bank statement (if in EUR) or use the following website to calculate the rate for the exact date of payment: OANDA
  8. Tape your receipts/boarding cards on one or more sheet(s) of Din A4 paper, indicating name and date of travel.
  9. Third persons cannot be reimbursed. If you share a hotel room with another colleague or partner, make sure each of you pay separately and receive a separate bill. You will not get reimbursed unless you can prove that you have paid your debts to the third person involved. If you have paid the room for your partner, please only apply for the reimbursement of your part.
  10. If you decide to travel from another city than Berlin/return from another city than the location of your conference, please state reasons in advance. These can only be approved if fees for travel from the other location are cheaper than the fees for the travel itinerary from Berlin. Note that you need to submit a proof and a comparison that the usual train/flight is more expensive. Keep screenshots in case you have compared prices for flights/tickets online before booking and submit them with all other documents.
  11. Check the BRKG (German Federal Travel Expense Act) for more info.

If you are travelling to more destinations during your business travel (i.e. fieldwork), and these are not part of the vacation days, please download the form (Anlage 1) at https://www.fu-berlin.de/sites/abt-1/formulare/05dienstreisen/pdf_dienstreisen/An1_DR_ABR-09-01.pdf

If you do not fill out the form, the travel expense department will not reimburse your expenses.

  1. The central travel department will notify you by email when your application has been received. Keep this mail.
  2. The central travel department will send back all incomplete applications ASAP. Please check your postal mailbox in the post room regularly.
  3. The central travel department will also send back all documents once processed including a list of expenses reimbursed. The documents will be sent in closed envelopes and only to you personally. Keep these documents safe and please keep them until the end of your time in Berlin.
  4. The central department will also send back all documents when they have decided not to reimburse your travel. As the staff are not allowed to open your personal mail, please check both your online and post room mailbox regularly and notify GEAS Office immediately after having received such note. 

Sure. Have you applied for approval first? You can only get reimbursed for the exact travel that you applied for. If you want to extend your stay, you wil need to start with Step ONE again. Apply before the travel extension.

You need to apply for reimbursement of the travel after the trip wihtin 6 months after the travel. Even if you have received an advance payment, the travel department has to decide if your trip has been conducted according to all regulations of the Federal law.

Remember the introduction about taxpayers' money? The university travel department decides if everything is correct and will pay you the rest of the sum and any other expenses that you had during the trip afterwards.