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Secondment (travel over 6 weeks, salaried employees only)

Salaried employees who want to travel or do research stays for more than 6 weeks need approval for secondment from the travel department and personnel office.

Please prepare the following papers about at least 2 months before the research trip:

  1. A letter indicating why the research stay is necessary, a research proposal and a time schedule for your research stay
  2. The copy of the invitation letter by the partner university including the length of the research stay
  3. A letter of support by the project supervisor, and a short approving statement by the Head of Department (Verwaltungsleitung) that they agree to the trip
  4. Please also take out (health) travel insurance for the entire stay
  5. The application form for travel approval for the research stay  

 Afterwards, please send the entire applciation package to the travel department, and a copy to your personnel office. YOu will probably need to sign secondment contracts before the travel.